I Belong : From Cancer to Wholeness.cBianca Lepori
I Belong : From Cancer to Wholeness
Author: Bianca Lepori
Number of Pages: 156 pages
Published Date: 27 Nov 2012
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication Country: United States
Language: English
Type: eBook
ISBN: 9781452558875
File size: 10 Mb
File Name: I.Belong.From.Cancer.to.Wholeness.pdf
Download Link: I Belong From Cancer to Wholeness

A change of perspective. By seeing cancer from the point of view of an embodied evolving monad rather than simply as a physical body threatened with death, the book questions cultural stereotypes and clears illusions about disease and traditional medicine. It is about accepting cancer as a pointer towards our true nature, thus about honoring the disease as something that needs to be understood rather than fought, as a hidden message that needs to be listened to. It describes a personal experience that gives evidence of cancer as an opportunity to heal the soul and as a challenge to uncover individual responsibility towards ourselves and the fulfilling of our destiny. Despite Eastern and Western types of cure and alternative, complementary, shamanistic and energetic treatments, the book explains how the final healing occurs when karmic wounds are dissolved, thus when present life patterns have found their causes within the Universal Law of Rebirth. The purpose of disease thus explained and broken the pattern of suffering, cancer can therefore be seen as instrumental in bringing joy and meaning to one's life.

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